Web Development

Online identity is critical for any business to succeed. As technology has advanced, web designing has become highly affordable and makes it all the more essential for you to have a Website for your Business. We at Innovative Technologies provide interesting variety of options for our clients.

Static and Dynamic Website

Innovative Technologies offers simple, intelligent, progressive and dynamic website designs that are highly compelling with easy navigation. Innovation and creativity is the key and hence we design and develop fresh and original designs. Our websites are highly user centric, visually attractive, having thoughtful functionality, design consistency and cross platform compatibility. We therefore offer a good assimilation of innovative creativity, technology and basic know-how to make sites progress well. Both our design and development teams go hand in hand to keep pace with the latest in technologies.

Responsive Website

In the last few years, responsive design has changed the way designers build websites and the way design programs work. For many years, all you needed was a desktop site but as technology evolved, smart phones began to make an appearance, along with tablets. Businesses began to take advantage of these new technologies, partly because they represented a new marketing opportunity, which continues to grow.

We create Responsive Website Designs to make utility oriented sites across varied platforms, devices and browsers. Based on ‘liquid designs,’ these take form on the basis of the environment provided. The screen size, orientation and platforms determine the way website would look. Therefore, the website designs ‘RESPOND’ to users’ preferences, by aligning themselves in accordance to the end platforms. A Responsive site offers best user experience.